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Yak Shawl


Warm and comfortable shawls or throws made of yak wool Read more

Tashi Lhunpo Monastery Cookbook


Cookbook written by the monks Read more

Time of the Skeleton Lords CD


Read more

Wisdom and Insight CD


Read more

Dukar Wheel


Dukar Wheel protection Read more

CD Calm Abiding


Guided meditation with prayers by Tibetan Monks Read more

DVD Mitrukpa Sand Mandala


DVD of sand mandala construction Read more

DVD The Power of Compassion


Film of the full tour performance of masked dance Read more

CD The Power of Prayer


Chants and Prayers by Tibetan monks from tashi lhunpo monastery Read more

CD - 17 Golden Greats


CD prayers and chants by Tashi Lhunpo Monks Read more



Tashi Lhunpo Incense - Shing Kham Kyung Kyab Read more