Time of the Skeleton Lords CD

Time of the Skeleton Lords (2010)

30IPS TLM4907

Time of the Skeleton Lords features sacred Tibetan prayers and music marking the great cycle of life, death and rebirth – the journey of the consciousness through the Bardo, according to Tibetan Buddhist traditions.

At death, Buddhism, along with many ancient Indian philosophical schools of thought, asserts the idea of a continuity of being once the physical death has occurred. The Bardo is an intermediate period between death and rebirth, during which the effects of causality and karma accumulated in previous lives influence the direction of the future rebirth. The journey of the consciousness through the Bardo may last an instant, or for as long as forty-nine days, after which one must find a place of rebirth.

Skeleton Lords (or Durdak) are Tibetan deities, guardians of the cemetery, whom serve to remind humans that death can come at any time. Buddhist practitioners are urged to meditate on the inevitability of death, in order to smooth the passage through the Bardo, cultivating attitudes that will result in either a good rebirth or enlightenment.

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