Name:                                 Rinchin Dorjee               

Date of Birth:                       02/02/2009

Place of Birth:                      Mon Tawang (Arunachal Pradesh)

Admission No:                      1088

Father Name:                       Tenzin Sonam

Family Occupation:               Construction Work


Basic Profile:

Rinchin Dorjee was born in a small family of construction workers in Mon-Tawang region of Arunachal Pradesh, the remote North Eastern part of India. He is the youngest of three children and his father is employed in construction work projects and his mother is a home maker. His elder siblings – a brother and sister, are in government high school.

Current Profile as a Monk:

Since his earliest childhood days, he has been close to his maternal grandfather who is the head monk at the Tawang Monastery. The stillness and simplicity of life in his village and fondness for his grandfather inspired him to become a Buddhist monk. Rinchin Dorjee comes from an economically poor background with little exposure to modern or traditional education. In the year 2019, with consent from his family he came to join Tashi Lhunpo Monastery and became a novice monk. He has shown excellent handwriting and memorization skills and takes an active interest in sports. He likes to play football with his classmates and hopes to do a Cham dance in a few years. He has a pet puppy called Singhe Karpo (White Lion) has trained the puppy to sit and greet at the cue of a whistle and he often plays with this pup after his school hours and before the morning prayers. He plans to complete his dharma education as a Kachen, which includes 20 years of rigorous study and practice and return to Tawang to teach and empower the children of tomorrow.


We seek someone to fund him as there is nobody to support his educational expenses. We request you to be Sponsor for this child so that he could achieve his goal and become a contributing member to the society. Your money will be used to cover the basic needs such as food, clothing, health care and education. Also, you can have a correspondence with your god-child through letter and email and continue to develop this special lifelong relationship. Your support will not be a waste; we will remain ever grateful to your kindness and shall always pray for your Good Health, Happiness and prosperity.

Office of Tashi Lhunpo Monastery


Tashi Lhunpo Monastery in South India was re-established in 1972 under the direction of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Now home to over 400 monks, the Monastery continues to work to preserve their unique culture in exile.  Each monk who chooses to join the Monastery family will be looked after for the rest of his life.

Everything you give, whether one-off donations, or regular payments (including those for sponsored monks), will be sent to the monastery to support the monks, young and old, who study and live in Tashi Lhunpo.   Your donation will be used to support many different areas of the monastery including the Food Fund, the Clinic, the School, the Library and the Tantric College, and will benefit the whole community from the youngest to the oldest of our monks. Any amount however large or small, is welcome.  Some people like to give a one-off donation on the Dalai Lama’s or Panchen Lama’s birthday, for example, or to ask for a relative who is sick or in difficult circumstances to be remembered, and you can do this through our regular General Donation form here.  If you are a UK Taxpayer we can claim Gift Aid on your donation, which makes it more valuable to the monastery.

Some donors like to personalise their donation by regularly sponsoring a particular monk and we suggest a donation of £15 a month or more, although any amount you can afford will be welcome. 

If you would like to set up a sponsorship for Rinchin Dorjee, please click here or email us on [email protected] or send a message through the website.  Further biographical details for the monks can be sent, and we can provide details of other monks in the monastery for you to choose instead, so please let us know if you have any preference for a young monk, a senior student or an elderly monk in your email, or if you are happy for the monastery to make a selection for you.

You will receive newsletters twice a year, as well as greetings and thank you cards from the monastery at Christmas. You are welcome to contact your sponsored monk either through the office in India or through the UK Trust, but sadly we cannot promise a regular correspondence from him, mainly because of the difficulty in language and also because of the pressure of his studies or duties in the monastery.  Your sponsored monk will, however, know of your support, and will regularly be including you in his daily prayers.

Thank you for your help.